DOR automatically recordsthe best moments without lag

Solo kills, pentakills, baron steals, etc.

Events are automatically captured and turned into videos

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DOR is recognized and trusted by many institutions
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Automatic Recording

Just turn it on

Automatic Recording!

Automatically captures kills and assists and creates videos.

DOR is an automatic recording program optimized for 'League of Legends'

DOR auto record 자동 녹화 프로그램 도르
DOR manage videos 영상 관리

Video Management


Video Management

No problem even if many videos are accumulated

Helps you manage videos efficiently and conveniently


Watch your play

on mobile as well

Through cloud integration, you can watch

your highlights anytime, anywhere

DOR can watch videos in mobile 모바일 롤 리플레이
DOR AI Auto Highlight 도르 AI 자동 하이라이트


Highlights made by DOR

Want to see only the key scenes from the recent game?

DOR also automatically creates highlights for you

league of legends promoart

So far, 2,508,315 clips have been created

DOR is a free recording program without a watermark

All-in-one features for recording and sharing game videos

With DOR (DOR.GG), even beginners

can easily and quickly share their gameplay as videos.

Automatically records events like kills, assists
Record without lag or frame drops
Right after the game ends, watch it on mobile immediately
With just one click, share with friends or on Discord, other social media